Types of Bets in Cricket Betting

Cricket is a very versatile game. Gamblers and bookmakers are very fond of this sport as you can place money here on anything! In this article, you will learn about the main types of deals on which you can make a good profit!

Tournament Wagers

Cricket, like other sports, has regular tournaments and competitions in national leagues. These kinds of bets are aimed precisely at such events.

  1. Best Bowler
    What’s the point here? In cricket tournaments, there is such a thing as the most important bowler of the competition. This title is awarded to the athlete who has shown himself best in this position.
  2. Tournament Winner
    There is nothing difficult here. Your task is simply to predict which team may take the lead in the final of the competition. Again, the favorites remain the same from year to year, so with a little analysis, you can surely find a winning combination.
    A series of games
    Singles are rarely played in cricket. Most often, squads play a series of, on average, three games. Bookmakers allow you to make money on this type of wager, find out how!
  3. Series Winner
    Your task in this type of bet is to guess which team may receive the most points at the end of the series, and, accordingly, will win it.
  4. General scoring
    This is an Over / Under deal. The bookmaker assumes that the total score of the two teams at the end of the session can be, for example, 200. Then you just have to look at the history of the games of these squads and say that the score should be less or more than the proposed one.
  5. Cricket match
    Bookmakers also offer classic cricket singles bets. You probably already know most of them!
  6. Match Winner
    The same concept as in the series winner. Your task is simply to guess what team will score the highest and win.
  7. Draw
    In cricket, it is not uncommon for teams to be on a level playing field. Then the option of a draw cannot be ruled out. If the history of the games of these teams shows that they are similar in strength. Then try to make money by guessing a draw in the outcome of the fight.
  8. Completed Match
    This is a type of wager that is unique to cricket and baseball. The fact is that often, due to unpredictable circumstances, the match can be interrupted and resumed on another day. Heavy rain can make the game impossible, so a banal weather forecast will become your ally in this type of deal. If you know that there will be a rainstorm over the stadium today, then it would be a sin not to make extra money by wagering on an unfinished match.
  9. Inning Run
    A match is divided into periods called innings. Bookmakers often offer users to guess how many runs from teams should be perfect in the first innings of a match. There is also an Over / Under format.
  10. Single Sportsman
    Remember the “Best Bowler of the Tournament” type of deal? Here you may find similar values. In almost every match and tournament, the best players are determined according to different parameters. For example:
  • Man of the Match
  • Best bowler of the match
  • Best Bowler Team
  • Best batsman
  • Best batsman team

Your task is simply to guess which of the athletes on the field may receive this title and take your money!

Try Cricket Betting Now!

The variety of types of cricket betting makes this sport attractive for making money. Try different combinations and find your formula for cricket wagering success!