Key moments how to bowl the world’s slower ball – SLOB – correctly

Many players ask about SLOB very often and are eager to know how to deal with it correctly. Here is some explanation why this is such an important point.

The difficulty with slower balls is that they are obvious even before you release them. This is where the big advantage of SLOB lies. He helps you to perform some kind of deception. In fact, you only hold the ball with your index and middle fingers. But this is where the fun begins. In theory, if you release the ball in this position, it will fly to the height of your head, which is an extremely misleading judgment.
The ball is so named because in the moment of flight it seems quite harmless and ordinary. But the reason why it was named the best ball in the world is because it is very unpredictable.

The ball must be gripped correctly with two fingers without losing grip. It will seem to others that you are holding it in the usual way. You need to release the ball as if you are going to “high-five” the player opposite. Fully unclench your hand and lift all fingers at the same time.
All you need to do now is go out and try this strategy out on your own. If you do it right, you will be impossible to beat by any bowler.